Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tasty Tuesday - Pink Paradise Punch

What a fun drink to make for a special evening with the kids!

1/3 cup Cherry KOOL-AID sugar sweetened or sugar free mix
1/3 cup Tropical Punch KOOL-AID mix sugar sweetened or sugar free
1-1/2 qt. (6 cups) cold water
1 pt. (2 cups) vanilla ice cream, softened
1 bottle (1 liter) carbonated lemon-lime beverage, chilled

  1. Put drink mixes in bowl, add water. Stir until mixes are dissolved
  2. Add softened ice cream, stir until melted
  3. Place in refridgerator until ready to serve.
  4. Stir in carbonated beverage just before serving.

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