Saturday, February 28, 2009

Huggies - Awesome coupons!

Click here for a $5 off Huggies coupon & a $3 off Huggies coupon!! You can print 2 each of these per computer. Combining these coupons with a sale could get you almost free diapers!!

Even if you don't use diapers, these could make a very inexpensive baby gift.

You can also find $1 off Luvs coupon here.

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for this deal!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dining out for less

One thing I love to do is eat out! This is one area where we "splurge". However, there is many ways you can dine out for less.
  1. Order water with your meal. Soda's generally cost $2.50. That really adds up on your bill.
  2. Take advantage of the free bread that many resaurants offer, and then order an appetizer for your meal.
  3. Split your meal between 2 people. You can often order another side to go along with it too, for alot less than the cost of a 2nd meal.
  4. Take advantage of restaurants that have kids eat free deals.
  5. Many restaurants offer a free meal for your birthday, be sure to sign up for all of those you can!
  6. Use, they offer $25 gift certificates for only $10. And be sure to sign up for their newsletter as well, you can also get %'s off your meals.
  7. Use coupons! Coupons aren't just for groceries, many restaurants offer coupons.
  8. For fast food restaurants, the value meals aren't always the best value. Many fast food restaurants offer "value menus" with most items costing around $1 each.
  9. Visit restaurants during the lunch hours, the lunch menu costs less than the dinner menu.
  10. Many restaurants offer a to go menu. By getting your meal to go, you don't have to pay for a drink or the tip.

I know different things work for different people, here are the things that works for our family.

  1. First & foremost, I believe in leaving a good tip! With a family of 6, we often leave a mess. :)
  2. When we do go out to eat, it is usually for a date night. We save money by 1, it only being my husband & I eating out & 2, we use coupons.
  3. When our whole family eats out, we have a pizza party in the van at Little Ceaser's. You can get 2 large pizzas, an order of breadsticks & a 2-liter bottle of soda for around $15. That is alot of food & feeds our entire family! For families not as big as ours, they also have 1 large pizza, breadsticks & soda for $9. We just bring plates, cups, & napkins with us.
  4. We take our kids on "date nights". Our kids are signed up for many kids clubs at restaurants, where they get a free meal for their birthday. Instead of taking our entire family, we just take one child out. This saves us money & gives us some one on one time with each of our kids.
  5. At fast food restaurants, for our 4 kids, we order 2 large sized value meals, it is more than enough food for them to share.

Got a tip to share? Leave it in the comments or email me directly.


A note to those who already collect coupons & to those who want to begin building their coupon stash -

This Sunday's paper will have the Procter & Gamble coupon insert, be sure to pick up 1 or 2 papers!

CVS Deals - 3/1-7

These are the deals I have found for CVS beginning on Sunday.

Carnation Instant Breakfast (limit 1)
You pay - $4.99
You earn - $4.99 ECBs
coupon - .75 off from All You, Jan. 23rd edition
Free after ECBs, plus overage if you use coupon.

ACT Total Care, trial size (limit 1)
You pay - .99
You earn - .99 ECBs
Free after ECBs

Gillette Gamer Razor
You pay - $7.99
You earn - $4 ECBs
Use - $4 off coupon
Free after ECBs & coupon

Kashi TLC bars, 6pk.
Sale price - 2/$6
Use 2 printable $2 off coupons.
Cost -$1 per box after coupons

Today's Freebies

Free sample of Splenda Sweetner Flavors for coffee.

Free sample of Parent's Choice formula.

Free sample of Pink Lemonade, Berry Burst, or Orange Metamucil.

Free sample of Crest Whitening strips.

Free sample of Kotex.

For a sample of Poise click here.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A few freebies for your dog.

Free sample of Rachel Ray's Nutrish premium dog food.

A free dog treat sample available at Treat People.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

Since I have entered the world of digital scrapbooking, I have found a great site for digital downloads.

Shabby Princess has 23 FREE digital scrapbooking kits to download. Each kit includes several papers, embellishments, & an alphabet!

Coupon use basics

I've had several ask me questions on the basics of using coupons. Couponing is a great way to save money & very often get things for free.

Lets start with the different types of coupons.
Manufacturer coupons
Store coupons - these can only be used in that store.
Internet coupons are printable & generally you can print 2 of these. To print 2, log into the site a 2nd time to print, or simply hit your back button 2-3 times.
Peelies - these are the coupons that are found on the products that you have to "peel" off. These are manufacturer coupons.
Blinkies - these are those coupons found in the aisle in that box sticking off of the shelf, it is usually red & usually "blinking".
Tear pads - these are also found on store shelves. The ones that you tear off a coupon.

Where to get coupons
You can get coupons out of your Sunday paper each week from Smart Source & Red Plum. Procter & Gamble also puts out an insert in the Sun. paper once a month. I always buy 2 Sunday papers each week (as the savings has always been worth it). Many of your friends & neighbors get the Sunday paper, but never use the coupons, ask them to save them for you.

The internet. There is tons of printable coupons online. A few places to start -
Smart Source
Cool Savings
Boxtops 4 Education

Mailings - This is especially true if you have little ones. Diaper & formula companies send out coupons on a regular basis, be sure to sign up at their site to receive them.

A little coupon lingo
BOGO - Buy one get one free
B1G1F- Buy one get one free
Double Coupons - stores that offer this, will double the coupon. For example, if your coupon is .50 cents off, they will take $1 off. Generally, there is a limit as to how much they will double.
Triple coupons - same as double, except they triple!
Stack - when you 'stack' a coupon, you are using more than one coupon on one item. This is where you are using a manufacturer & store coupon. Example - You find a Target coupon for $ off Cottonelle, You also have a manufacturer coupon for .50 off Cottonelle. You can 'stack' the 2 coupons to receive $1.50 off the Cottonelle.
MIR - Mail in Rebate
ECB - Extra Care Bucks, from CVS
RR - Register Rewards, from Walgreens

The Basics
  • Most stores take coupons, not just grocery stores. You can use coupons at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, just to name a few. If you aren't sure, ask.
  • You can combine Manufacturer coupons with store coupons.
  • Coupons are generally one per item. So, if you buy 2 bottles of shampoo, you can use a coupon on each. However, if you have a store coupon, you can combine that with a manufacturer coupon on 1 item.
  • Some coupons do not specify a size. If size is not specified, you can use this on a trial size, usually getting it for free.

How to make couponing work for you

  • Use coupons when the item goes on sale.
  • Stockpile - This saves you from having to purchase that item without a coupon & when it is not on sale. If you can get 3-4 of an item for free by using sales & coupons, why not stockpile, rather than having to pay full price for it later?
  • Don't be brand specific. It is amazing how much you can get free, when you are open to trying different brands.
  • Save all coupons. I used to only clip coupons I knew I would use. I quikly found out I was missing out on a lot of deals by not saving them all.
  • Once a month go through your coupons to check expiration dates.
  • Organize your coupons, you can use envelopes, an organizer, or a binder with baseball card holders. Whatever works for you.
  • If a store is out of something that is on sale, ask for a raincheck. A raincheck allows you to purchase the item at the sale price, when the item is back in stock. This also allows you to save up more coupons for that item!
  • Don't always go for the largest size of a product. Using a coupon on a large size may save you money, but using a coupon on the smaller size might enable you to get it free!

Remember to start our small. It becomes second nature to use coupons, once you've been doing it for a while. If you have any other tips or questions, feel free to post in the comments, or email me directly!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A few layouts using My Memories Suite

This layout was done using a template, all I did was add the pictures.

This layout was also a template, however, I added the title, a ribbon, & a brad.

This layout was created from scratch, I started with a blank page.

Digital Scrapbooking

I just entered the world of digital scrapbooking. I used to love to scrapbook, then it just got to be to much to clean up! I've not scrapbooked in a couple of years, actually the last page I created was of Camden's birth, he is now 4.

With the desire to do something with my pictures, rather than leave them sit on my compter, I researched & researched all I could find about digital scrapbooking. Photoshop seemed like to much to learn for me, and photo developing sites were to simple. I found My Memories Suite by Polaroid & read tons of great reviews on it. I am so impressed with this software! I can do so much with it.

Here is why I love My Memories Suite -

  • It is so easy to use.
  • You have so much control over how simple or how complex you want your pages to be.
  • You can do photo editing with the software.
  • They have templates already done, all you have to do is drag & drop your picture into the photo box.
  • You can create a page from scratch.
  • You can add downloads from anywhere online into the software. And there is TONS of free downloads out there!
  • You can print your own pages, have Polaroid make a photo book for you, add your pages to a CD, & more!
  • For around $70, I can have a hard bound photo book with 100 pages printed & mailed right to my door. I will save a ton of money with this!

Tasty Tuesday

Crock Pot Lasagna

We love this meal since I can throw it in the crockpot in the morning & we can come home from church to a meal ready to eat!

Ingredients -
1 lb. ground beef or ground turkey
your favorite spag. sauce
8 oz. pkg. uncooked, oven ready lasagna noodles
4 C. shredded mozzarella cheese
2 C. cottage cheese
  1. Spray the inside of your crockpot with non-stick cooking spray
  2. Brown your ground beef
  3. Stir your favorite spag. sauce into ground beef
  4. Spread 1/4 of meat sauce in bottom of crockpot
  5. Place 1/3 noodles over the sauce
  6. sprinkle mozz. cheese to cover noodles, spread 1/3 of cottage cheese over mozz., sprinkle another layer of mozz. cheese over cottage cheese.
  7. Repeat above steps 2 times.
  8. Place remaining sauce over the top.
  9. Cover & cook on low 4 hours.

Monday, February 23, 2009

3 Free Magazine subscriptions

Click here to receive a free 1 year subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine. This offer is from Rewards Gold. Just fill out a short review about your favorite breakfast food.

For a 2-year free subscription to Parents magazine, click here.

Click here for another free 1 year subscription to Woman's Day.

Thanks to MoneySavingMom for listing these offers!

Some more deals from CVS & Walgreens this week


sale price - 2/$10
rebate - $6 (when you buy 2)
use - 2 printable coupons for $2 off (hit your back button 2-3 times to print 2)
Free after rebate & coupons

I mentioned the Excedrin in an earlier post - here is a printable coupon
sale price - $1.99
you earn - $1 Register Reward
use - printable $1 off coupon
Free after coupon & RR's


sale price - .88
use - .75 off printable coupon
.13 after coupon

Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal
sale price - Buy 1 @ $4.79 Get 1 free
use - 2 $2 off coupons
.79 for 2 boxes of cereal after coupons

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom for the printed coupon matchups!


Quizno's is giving away 1 million subs. Sign up here to get yours! They will send you an email with a coupon link. The coupon expires 5 days from the day you print it.

These are sure to go fast!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Awesome Deal of the Day

Looking for an inexpensive Ipod?

For a limited time, a 1 GB Ipod Shuffle is available for only $29, with free shipping! A 2 GB Ipod Shuffle is only $39, also with free shipping. There is several colors to choose from.

To find the refurbished Ipods, click here.

A refurbished Ipod comes with the same warranty as the new ones, new earbuds, new battery, new outershell, & a new box.


Free sample of Dunkin Donuts coffee. This is my favorite coffee! A sample usually makes us 2 pots of coffee.

Free frozen entree from Kashi. I've not seen these in the store, with a coupon for a free one, I'll be looking!

Click here for your free Always Infinity sample.

For a free sample of Selson Blue from Walmart, go here.

Walgreens - 2/22-28

Here a few deals I found at Walgreens for this week. Let me know what you've found!

Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Spa Breeze or Embrace Razor (2 different scenarios)
Sale Price - $8.99
You Earn - $6 Register Rewards
Use - $4 off coupon on Gillette Fusion Gamer
Cost - $-1.01 (on Gamer)
OR Use - $2 off coupon for Venus Spa Breeze or Embrace Razor
Cost - $ .99 (on Spa Breeze or Embrace)

Excedrin Extra Strength, 20 ct. Gelcaps or 24 ct. tablets, caplets or geltabs
Sale price - $1.99
You earn - $1 Register Rewards
Use - $1 off coupon
Cost - $ - .01

Sale price - $2.99
Use - BOGO free coupon
Feb. Rebate - $1 each (limit of 4)
Cost for 2 - .99

Free after Rebate (good through2/28)

Zucol Cold Care Lozenges, 18 pack
Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer or Spa Foundation (can use $2 off manufacturer coupon)
Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Shampoo, Conditioner, or Stylers (use $1 off manufacturer coupon)
Revlon Creme Lip Gloss (use $2 off manufacturer coupon)
Walgreens Multi-purpose No Rub Solution, 4 oz.
ThermaCare Trial Size Neck, Shoulder & Wrist Heat Wrap

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lessons in being content

One thing I try to teach my children is being content with what they have. I feel like they do a great job in this area, especially for being kids. It is hard for so many adults to get to this!

Ally has been "secretly" dreaming of her own room for a few months now. She hasn't come right out & asked, but we have picked up on a few things. Jay & I have also realized she is beginning to reach that stage where she needs her own space, away from the boys. We are currently trying to get the upstairs to a completion stage, so that she can move her room upstairs. Just last night she asked if she could give us her $8.25 to help us fix up the upstairs. Mind you, she doesn't yet know that we are doing it for her. She didn't ask us for the space, but was willing to give what she had to help. We are taking $3.00, as she wants to feel like she has helped & we feel it is so important to teach them to give what they have.

I have been so proud of our kids, as Colton, Ally, & Camden all share a small room. None of them ever complain, they actually all feel blessed to share. The other night Ally was at a lock-in at church, Colton was sad that he would be in bed before Ally got home, not that he couldn't go or that he didn't have something "special" to do, or even that it was his bedtime. Puzzled by his reaction, we asked why. He told us that he, Camden, & Ally tell each other about their day each night before they go to sleep & they wouldn't be able to do that until the morning. We had no idea they do this!

I think so many times, as parents, we don't give our children the opportunity to be content. We see something we know they will love and we just get it for them. It's not bad, just a reaction. However, when we allow them to, our kids surprise us with contentedness.

CVS Deals 2/22-28

These are the deals I am seeing, they begin on Sunday (except for the monthly deals listed below, which are all month long).

Freebies -
Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot 4 oz., 2 pk. (limit 1)
You pay - $4.99
You earn - $4.99 ECB
Free after ECBs

Gillette Fusion Gamer, Gillette Venu Embrace or Spa Breeze razor (limit 1)
You pay - $7.99
Use - $4 off coupon from past P&G insert
You earn - $3.99 ECB
Free after ECBs & coupons

Deals -
Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation or Dream Matte powder (prices start at $8.39) (limit 1)
You earn - $5 ECB
Use - $2 off coupon in 2/8 Red Plum insert

Maybelline Volume XL Seduction Lipstick & Lipgloss (limit 1)
You pay - 8.99
Use - $1 off coupon from 2/8 Red Plum insert
You earn - $5 ECB
$2.99 after ECBs & coupon

Ban Roll on or Solid
You pay - $1.99
Use - .75 off coupon (available in this Sunday's Smart Source insert)
$1.24 after coupon

You pay - .88
Use - .75 off coupon (available in this Sunday's Smart Source insert)
.13 after coupon

NyQuil or DayQuil
You pay - 2/9.98
Use - $1.50 off coupon from P&G insert
You earn - $5 ECBs - when you purchase 2
$3.48 on 2, after ECBs & coupon

7UP, A&W or Sunkist 12 pk.
You pay - 4/$12
Use - $1 off 7UP printable coupon found here.
You earn - $3 ECBs on 4
$8 for 4 - 12 pks. after coupon & ECBs

Feb. Deals - (good all month long)

Children's Chewable Asprin, 36ct. (limit 1)
You pay - $1.99
You earn - $1.99 ECBs
Free after ECBs

Extreme Energy 6-hour Shot
You pay - $4.99
You earn - $4.99 ECBs
Free after ECBs

You pay - $7.99
You earn - $7.99 ECBs
Free after ECBs

BodiHeat Pain relieving heat pad, 3 ct.
You pay - 3.99
You earn - $3 ECBs
.99 after ECBs

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Prints at Walgreens - One Day Only

Walgreens is offering 20 free 4x6 prints Friday, the 20th only. Many Walgreens offer one-hour photo processing. The offer is available online only.

Just enter coupon code ONEDAY at checkout.

What do you do with your magazines?

With all the magazine subscriptions I just posted, it got me to thinking...What do you do with your magazines?

I usually pass mine on to a friend. However, you can donate your magazines to Doctor's offices, Hospitals, Ronald McDonald House, & schools.

I also like to keep a few with me for a game my kids love - a scavenger hunt! They each take a magazine & I shout out something to find, a dog, a red wagon, a green apple, etc. The first one to find it wins. My kids love to do this, it is great for in the van or when they are somewhere they need to sit still.

If you have any other ideas on what to do with old magazines, post in the comment area to share!

Free Magazines

I haven't paid for a magazine subscription in quite some time. In the past I have received Country Home, Family Fun, Parenting, Hallmark, Martha Stewart Living, Woman's Day & more - all free! When these magazine subscriptions pop up, they always go fast.

However, there is a few magazines that are always free.

Lego magazine is for 7 years & up. My son, Colton, loves getting this in the mail.

Lego Jr. magazine is for 6 & under.

Lowe's offers two Creative Ideas magazine subscriptions. One is for Home & Garden, the other is for Woodworkers. We receive & enjoy both. The Woodworkers has great weekend projects, some easy, some a little more involved.

Click here for Very Best Kids magazine, it is a small "magazine" with a ton of great parenting information & it always includes coupons!

Click here for a free subscription to American Baby magazine.

For a free subscription to Baby Talk go here.

Sign up for MyFamily at Focus on the Family to receive a magazine, that you get to choose what stage your family is in.

Today's freebies

It's all about the snacks today! You can't get a better sample in your mailbox, than a food sample. They are always a handy size to throw in your purse or a lunchbox.

Be sure to join Kraft First Taste - you have the opportunity to try new products before others! I've only been a member for 2 months, but so far, I've had a new sample offer each month. This month choose between Jello Sugar Free Rice Pudding or Oreo Mini Cakesters.

Free sample of Quaker Mini Delights rice snacks - you get to choose between chocolatey drizzle or cheddar cheese.

Click here for a free Welcome Kit that includes a sample of Orville Redenbacher's® Natural Gourmet® Popping Corn in the new Lime & Salt Flavor, plus some great money saving coupons.

Free bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. They will mail you a coupon, I've used my coupon at Walmart.

Free sample of Quaker True Delights - a delightful new granola bar.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Freebies at Archiver's this weekend

This weekend Archiver's is holding a Make & Take Weekend, with 2 Free make and takes.

Also from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. on Friday & Saturday and 11:00-noon on Sunday, receive 2 free studded stickers just for coming in!

Walgreens - Feb. 15-21

Weekly deals - (good thru Sat.)
Colgate toothpaste - .99
use $1 off coupon,
free after coupons

Bic Soleil or Comfort 3 Disposable shavers -
$4.99, use $1 off coupon from Easy Saver Catalog & $2 off manufacturer coupon,
$1.99 after coupons.

Free after Rebate (good through2/28)

Zucol Cold Care Lozenges, 18 pack
Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer or Spa Foundation (can use $2 off manufacturer coupon)
Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Shampoo, Conditioner, or Stylers (use $1 off manufacturer coupon)
Revlon Creme Lip Gloss (use $2 off manufacturer coupon)
Walgreens Multi-purpose No Rub Solution, 4 oz.
ThermaCare Trial Size Neck, Shoulder & Wrist Heat Wrap
Walgreens & CVS play major roles in our household savings. I receive items from each of these for FREE each week. How do I do it?

This picture shows what I picked up at both CVS & Walgreens last week with paying nothing out of pocket!

Walgreens offers rebates & coupons each month in their Easy Saver Catalog, along with Register Rewards. What are these things?

Easy Saver Catalog is released monthly & can be found in the front of the store, with the weekly ad. It is a small booklet that lists all of the rebates for that month, along with coupons. Each month there is always some free after rebate items (meaning the rebate amount will be equal to the full purchase price). Some rebates are for a portion of the price. You can still get some of these items for free, or almost free by using the rebates in conjuctions with sales & coupons. Walgreens makes it incredibly easy to redeem these rebates. Simply go to their website & look for the Easy Saver link. Once there, all you have to do is enter a code from your receipt & they will send you your rebate! Another great money making opportunity - choose to have your rebate put on a Gift Card - you then get a 10% bonus!

Register Rewards - are printed from the register. Certain products generate these rewards, which can be used like cash on a future purchase.

CVS has something called Extra Care Bucks (ECB). If you don't have an Extra Care Card, you will need to get one. You can get this at the cash register. CVS has both monthly & weekly deals using ECBs. They offer ECBs on certain products, saving you money or allowing you to receive it for free. Meaning when a product is advertised as earning ECBs, you will pay out of pocket for the item, however will receive ECBs printed on the bottom of your receipt that you can use as cash on a future purchase. When you have been "doing CVS" for a few weeks, you can easily walk out of their with products, paying little to nothing out of pocket by using your ECBs.

Still confusing? Be sure to check back each week, as I'll post the current deals I find!

Free Cascade Rinse Agent

Click here for a coupon booklet with over $30 worth of coupons. Some of the coupons include $1 off Cascade & a FREE 8.45 oz. bottle of Cascade Rinse Agent.

Some freebie cookbooks

Take a short quiz to receive a Light & Easy Cookbook from the American Heart Association.

Hospitality in a "Jiffy" recipe book from Jiffy Mix.

2 free recipe books from Gooseberry Patch & Sun-maid Raisins.

A few words about freebies

There is so many great freebies out there, some are easy to find, some take a little searching.

All of the freebies I post are from well known companies and companies I have dealt with before. If you have a great freebie to share that is from a legit company, feel free to email me & I'll add it to my post.

The really great freebies go FAST! Especially the magazine subscriptions. Don't delay in signing up! If you find a freebie I have posted is no longer available, shoot me an email to let me know, so I can remove it.

What to do with all those samples?
I love getting samples in my mailbox. A few things I have done with my samples -

  • Use them for a short trip. It is great not to have to pack full size bottles of products & with samples on hand, that keeps you from having to purchase travel sized products.
  • Send them to camp with your kids.
  • Save them for care packages to send to troops.
  • Have a makeover party for yourself or your daughter & friends.
  • What a nice touch to have a basket filled with samples for overnight guests.
  • A friend of ours makes up care packages for the homeless with samples, he then delivers them with another friend. I am going to start sending my samples their way. I also plan to make up a couple of those care packages to keep in my van with me at all times to hand out to someone I see in need.

Many samples come with coupons that will have an expiration date, so be sure to always open them up right away.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

This is definatly one of our family favorites! It is so quick & easy to put together.

Crescent Chicken

Ingredients -
2 - 8 oz. packages of crescent rolls
1 - 8 oz. package cream cheese
3 C. cooked chicken, diced or shredded
3 T. milk
3 T. butter
salt & pepper to taste
  1. Roll out 1 package of crescents in a 9x13 pan, sealing the perforations.
  2. Soften the cream cheese in the microwave (usually takes about 1 min.)
  3. Mix in butter, milk, chicken, salt & pepper with the cream cheese.
  4. Spread cream cheese mixture over crescents
  5. Unroll 2nd package of crescents, place over the top of cream cheese mixture, sealing the perforations.
  6. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes, until crescents are browned.

Serves 8

A few freebies

Free 1 year subscription to Woman's Day Magazine click here.

Click here for a free sample of Starbucks VIA readybrew.

Free sample of Viva paper towels from Walmart.

Also from Walmart, a free sample of Huggies baby wipes. These are so handy to throw in your purse!

Finally, a coupon for a free Diet or Regular 20 oz. or 2-liter bottle of Dr. Pepper is available here. I received my coupon in the mail a few days ago, now waiting to host a get together to use it!

A beginning to blogging

This is my beginning into the world of blogging. It is something I've been contemplating for some time, I enjoy reading blogs, so have decided to tackle my own blog. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a passion (some call it an obsession) with saving money. I love to spend my day researching, finding great freebies & fantastic deals!

I am a wife and stay at home mother to 4 children. I am always having people ask me how I do it, how our family lives on one, limited income. My response to isn't always easy. I do alot of research & have to be very creative to handle what God has given our family. Some call me crazy, but I do love the simplicity living on one income creates for us. I'm not the most frugal person. There is some things that just doesn't work for our family. I call myself a "real budgeter". We make sacrifices in some areas, so that we can indulge a little in others.

My point in this blog? I would like to share with others small things that can be done for your families to help you save. I will share ways our family pinches, saves, and splurges, along with freebies, and great deals. I mentioned earlier that I am a stay at home mother. I LOVE being home with my children & think that anyone who has a real desire to be home, can do it, with a little (sometimes big) sacrifice. I hope that through our family you can learn something to enable you to follow the desires for your family.