Friday, February 20, 2009

Lessons in being content

One thing I try to teach my children is being content with what they have. I feel like they do a great job in this area, especially for being kids. It is hard for so many adults to get to this!

Ally has been "secretly" dreaming of her own room for a few months now. She hasn't come right out & asked, but we have picked up on a few things. Jay & I have also realized she is beginning to reach that stage where she needs her own space, away from the boys. We are currently trying to get the upstairs to a completion stage, so that she can move her room upstairs. Just last night she asked if she could give us her $8.25 to help us fix up the upstairs. Mind you, she doesn't yet know that we are doing it for her. She didn't ask us for the space, but was willing to give what she had to help. We are taking $3.00, as she wants to feel like she has helped & we feel it is so important to teach them to give what they have.

I have been so proud of our kids, as Colton, Ally, & Camden all share a small room. None of them ever complain, they actually all feel blessed to share. The other night Ally was at a lock-in at church, Colton was sad that he would be in bed before Ally got home, not that he couldn't go or that he didn't have something "special" to do, or even that it was his bedtime. Puzzled by his reaction, we asked why. He told us that he, Camden, & Ally tell each other about their day each night before they go to sleep & they wouldn't be able to do that until the morning. We had no idea they do this!

I think so many times, as parents, we don't give our children the opportunity to be content. We see something we know they will love and we just get it for them. It's not bad, just a reaction. However, when we allow them to, our kids surprise us with contentedness.


  1. I just tried to tell Tom about this story and couldn't without crying. You have the sweetest children. I just love them.

  2. Ally can come live with her aunt & have her own room!!!!