Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Walgreens & CVS play major roles in our household savings. I receive items from each of these for FREE each week. How do I do it?

This picture shows what I picked up at both CVS & Walgreens last week with paying nothing out of pocket!

Walgreens offers rebates & coupons each month in their Easy Saver Catalog, along with Register Rewards. What are these things?

Easy Saver Catalog is released monthly & can be found in the front of the store, with the weekly ad. It is a small booklet that lists all of the rebates for that month, along with coupons. Each month there is always some free after rebate items (meaning the rebate amount will be equal to the full purchase price). Some rebates are for a portion of the price. You can still get some of these items for free, or almost free by using the rebates in conjuctions with sales & coupons. Walgreens makes it incredibly easy to redeem these rebates. Simply go to their website & look for the Easy Saver link. Once there, all you have to do is enter a code from your receipt & they will send you your rebate! Another great money making opportunity - choose to have your rebate put on a Gift Card - you then get a 10% bonus!

Register Rewards - are printed from the register. Certain products generate these rewards, which can be used like cash on a future purchase.

CVS has something called Extra Care Bucks (ECB). If you don't have an Extra Care Card, you will need to get one. You can get this at the cash register. CVS has both monthly & weekly deals using ECBs. They offer ECBs on certain products, saving you money or allowing you to receive it for free. Meaning when a product is advertised as earning ECBs, you will pay out of pocket for the item, however will receive ECBs printed on the bottom of your receipt that you can use as cash on a future purchase. When you have been "doing CVS" for a few weeks, you can easily walk out of their with products, paying little to nothing out of pocket by using your ECBs.

Still confusing? Be sure to check back each week, as I'll post the current deals I find!


  1. Missy this sounds so complicated. I think I need to just follow you around the stores when you go shopping and do exactly what you do. I am going to try to do these things!

  2. It really isn't. Start small, you will get the hang of it!

    Plus, each week, I'll post what the deals are, so that you can walk into the store & know exactly what to buy! I'll help to make it easy for you.