Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Off Power Pad Lamp

We just got back from a weekend of camping. The bugs were horrible this past weekend! On the first night, with several of us spraying ourselves down with bug spray every half an hour, I remembered that I had the Off Power Pad Lamp, that I got for free from BzzAgent. I pulled it out of our camper & within 15 minutes, we were surrounded by a 15 ft. bug free zone! I can tell you the lamp worked wonderfully! I'm not sure if it in fact works up to 15 ft. away, we were all huddled within 3-5 feet away from it, just like we were sitting around a camp fire. However, it did work in that 3-5 foot zone. I will tell you, it does cost more than I would normally spend on such a thing, but after the misery of the bugs this weekend, I will definatly take advantage of sales & coupons to keep stocked with the Off Power Pad lamp.

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