Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Around the House Organizers

We have tons of stuff that we store or throw away, not sure what to do with it. Or some of us spend money on organizers in the store. There is several things we all have in our house that can be used as great organizers. Here are a few of my ideas, feel free to share what you use!

Tissue Boxes - These work great to store your plastic bags. Also, my kids use these to hold their small bouncy balls.
Toilet Paper Rolls - Use to slip on hairbands.
Velcro roll - we used this to make a place for my daughter to keep all of her ponytail holders.
Photo Albums - Use these to store your reciepts and/or recipes cut out from magazines.
Shoe boxes - can be used to hold all sorts of things! They stack nicely on shelves in closets & cabinets and you can write on the box what is inside.
Ice Cube trays - place these in your top dresser drawer to hold earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.


  1. We like to use things with lids for lego storage, when they tip over, it can leave a mess! We've used wipes boxes, coffee cans, & Pringles cans.