Thursday, June 4, 2009

I got chosen to host a House Party Domino's Pizza Party!

I just got confirmation that I was chosen to host a Domino's Legends Pizza Party from House Party! I have signed up for House Party's before, I actually quit signing up for parties because I was never chosen! I received an email in my inbox about the Domino's Pizza Party & after looking at what I would be receiving, I decided to go ahead & try it again. I was not expecting to get chosen, actually forgot I signed up. WOW, Free pizza not only for my family, but enough to share with several friends! I love hosting parties & couldn't be more excited to share my freebie with my friends.

House Party has some pretty major sponsors that host "House Parties" all over the country. It is all in hopes that they can get the word out about their new products or shows. They send party hosts party packs that often contain DVD's, games, food, drinks & products for everyone. Check them out here. You can view current parties & parties that you can sign up for.

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