Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Black Friday,is it worth it?

Oh it is SO worth it! Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is one of my absolute favorite days of the year! There is just something about getting up before the sun to find a bargain! To be honest, in recent years I have found better deals on some things before or after Black Friday.

So, why do I love it so much then? First and foremost, it has become our tradition. My grandmother lives in Springfield & we spend Thanksgiving night at her house. My husband, my mom, my sister & I get up early to shop. "Gee-Gee" (Great Grandma) stays home with the kids while they sleep. Yes, my husband goes, and LOVES it! We go knowing that lines will be long & people will be rude, to me, knowing (I mean REALLY knowing) that is key to having a great time. We love to people watch, we love the camaraderie that forms with others while waiting in line in freezing cold temperatures. And, we do love the ridiculousness of some people! I love the thrill of grabbing the last one off the shelf, or finding something that we thought we were to late for stuck in another aisle. It is the thrill of the hunt! Some years I go with something specific to get, some years I just go because I love it!

How can you know you are getting the best price? Over the last several years the internet has played a huge role in knowing if you are getting a deal. Beginning about now, Black Friday ads begin to leak out. You can do a Google search to find them. I use the website, BFads.net, they send me email notices any time a new store is posted. Knowing what is going to be on sale ahead of time, helps you to know if something is a great deal now. And the other thing - ALWAYS KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS! If I find something at a better price after Black Friday, I buy it & return the Black Friday item.

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