Monday, November 9, 2009

Get 4 Preschool Games from Toys R Us for almost FREE!

This is a great deal to get some free or almost free gifts. If you don't buy for little ones you could donate these to a classroom or use them as Angel Tree & other charity gifts!

Here is how the deal works -
  • Buy 4 boxes of Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Ants in the Pants, Don't Break the Ice, or Memory - each on sale for $3.99 this week.
  • Buy 1 box of Connect 4 or Scrabble, each on sale for $9.99 this week.
  • Your total will come up to $25.95 for 5 games.
  • If you get the Connect 4, you can use this printable coupon for $5 off.
  • You will receive a $10 Toys R Us Gift Card for purchasing $25 worth of Hasbro games.
  • Then submit this rebate form. (Each of the $3.99 games are eligible for a $2 rebate each & each of the $9.99 games are eligible for a $3 rebate!)

You will get 5 games for free or almost free after the coupon, gift card, & rebate!

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