Sunday, March 15, 2009

My weekend shopping

Here are some of the great deals I snagged this weekend.

At Walmart -
Bought - Aveeno Baby wash, 2.98
Head & Shoulders shampoo
Coupons used - $2 off printable Aveeno coupon
$1 off any All
Paid out of pocket - .96

Target -
Bought - Huggies Baby wipes
All detergent
Coupons used - $5 off Huggies coupon
$1 off All
Paid out of pocket - $1.64

Bought - 2 Right Guard deodorant
2 Sure deodorant
1 Dry Idea deodorant
1 Colgate toothpaste
1 Irish Spring body wash
Coupons used - $1 off 2 Right Guard coupon
2 - $1 off Sure
$2 off Dry Idea
.75 off Colgate
$1 off Irish Spring
Total cost (before coupons) - $23.33
I used $11 in ECBs
Paid $6.98 out of pocket
Received - $15.99 in ECBs to use on my next trip to CVS

1 comment:

  1. With the coupons from this weekends paper the Bic Soleil razor is a good deal and so are the Dove Bodywashes. You can also get a free Pantene styling product and earn some ECBS on Pantene Shampoo and Conditioners at the same time. Otherwise I got pretty much the same stuff you did...although by now (Mon. morning) the Irish Spring Bodywash is all gone. If you are in G'ville you have to hit CVS on sunday if you have any hope of capitalizing on any of the deals. If you would like to use your freebies for a good cause I can tell you how to donate them to the homeless.