Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reward your kids for good grades

Many companies reward students for receiving good grades. Remember that not all locations participate, be sure to call ahead of time to make sure your local place participates. Also most places accept different kinds of grading scales (letter & percentage grades).

Chuck E Cheese - Kids receive free tokens for A's.

Krispy Kreme - Kids receive 1 donut for each A, up to 6 free.

Blockbuster - Kids receive a free movie rental for an A. Rental must be from the Children or Family section.

Family Video - Kids receive a free summer movie rental for an A. This is only valid with the last report of the school year.

Some banks & credit unions will deposit $1 in your child's savings account for each A they receive.

Limited Too - Kids receive $5 off for good grades.

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  1. Kids can also get $5 off at Justice. This is a "girl" store, but for boys there are Webkins and Webkins accesories.