Thursday, October 15, 2009


This has been one of my favorite costumes! It is the first costume I had made & all of my kids have wore some form of it.

For the body - Cut several strips of felt (I think I cut 6), the strips need to be wider at the bottom than at the top & rounded. I don't really know how big they are, I probably made the strips as long as my children were tall. Hot glue all the strips together, long ways from top to bottom, until you have all the strips glued together, making a complete circle. Make a hem along the bottom of the circle using hot glue, put elastic inside the hem. Along the top, cut slits all the way around the neckline & lace it with some ribbon. Measure about where you think your child's arms will need to be & cut large slits for arm holes. I also cut a slit about half way down the back, to make it easier for the kids to get in & out of the costume. At this point, put the costume on the child - The bottom will be about to your child's feet, tuck the bottom up inside, so that it comes about to your child's waist & cinch up the elastic, tieing it off. Tie the ribbon at the top in the back. I tried to give you a sketch to hopefully explain this a little better.

Duck - My kids wore a yellow long sleeved shirt underneath - it actually has Pooh on it, but you can't see that with the costume over it. I took a white pair of sweatpants & dyed them orange.

For the Duck hat - I took a regular ball cap, I was able to find a yellow one, but you could dye a hat as well. I took orange felt & glued it to the bill, glued white felt to the front & made eyes out of black felt to glue onto that.

Duck Tail & head feathers - You can't see the tail feathers, but I cut out feather shapes in orange, white, & yellow. To make them stand "up" a little better, I glued 2 pieces together. I then glued pieces to the top of the hat & the back end of the costume.
I also made some web feet out of orange felt, I traced their shoes & made the webs a little larger. I cut slits in it & slipped it onto their feet, before putting on their shoes.
At the last minute, I made Aiden an "infant" duck costume. I just took an infant hat & made it the same way I did for Cam's costume, put him in a yellow sleeper, & made some small web feet for him.
Ladybug - The body was made the same way as the duck body, I hot glued black circles on it & made wings. To make the wings, I took a wire hanger to make the shape of wings & glued black felt onto it. Ally wore black pants, black long sleeved shirt, & black shoes. I also made her some antenna by glueing pipe cleaners & black pom poms onto a black headband.

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