Thursday, October 15, 2009


This costume, Ally wore the same year as Colton was the lion (below). They were going to be a lion & a lamb. Ally's lamb costume just wasn't turning out the way I had envisioned it & I couldn't let her go out in any thing less cute than that lion costume! So, this scarecrow costume was thought of & made just 1 hour before trick or treating. I used the felt I had left over from the year before's costume (Ally's ladybug & the duck) to make the shirt & pants. I just drew out a shirt on the felt, cut out 2 pieces & glued them both together, I did the same thing for the pants. I then cut out triangles, to make the jaggedness. I glued on some scrap fabric to make the patches, glued some raffia to the underside of the shirt, pants & straw hat. The raffia was something I already had on hand & is much softer than straw. I tied some twine around her waist. I found this straw hat in our basement, glued some scrap fabric on it & a crow I found.

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