Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making Halloween Affordable - some inexpensive costumes

Halloween costumes can get expensive to buy, especially when you are buying for 4! Below are some of the costumes I have made over the years. All of which are made with NO sewing required. As you read, you will see, I do use alot of the glue gun! I try to use as much as we have on hand for our costumes & get a lot of stuff from the thrift store. I also save each piece, many can be used again for other costumes. And of course I reuse them with each child - this year Aiden gets the bigger duck costume & Camden gets the lion!

One other thing - each year after Halloween, I scour the costume dept. and get tons of stuff at 75% off. This is how I got the fireman costume, along with so much of the cowboy stuff. My kids love to play dress up & will play with these costumes all year long. I've also been able to use many of them as Christmas & Birthday gifts, since so many other kids love to dress up as super heros.

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