Thursday, October 15, 2009

Laura Ingalls

The kids love watching old Little House on the Prairie shows. This costume was easy. I wasn't so happy with the bonnet, but it did the trick.
I purchased the dress at a thrift store, I think it was actually a fancy coat. I then used the old apron we had used in a Strawberry Shortcake costume from a few years back. To make the apron, I took a pillowcase, cut out arm holes & a hole for the head. From the pieces I cut out, I glued on 2 square pockets.
I found a pair of granny boots at the thrift store, a few sizes to big, so we just stuffed the toes with kleenex.
For the bonnet, I scoured everywhere to find one to purchase & just couldn't find one. So, I took a head band & glued some fabric to it, for the "bill" of the bonnet, I cut out some fun foam & glued fabric to it.
We also took dark brown yarn & made braids. I hot glued the braids to the inside of the bonnet.

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