Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Affording Easter

For our family, we choose to do Easter somewhat "big". 3 out of 4 of our kids' birthday's are in December. And we just don't buy things for our kids throughout the year, they wait for Christmas, their birthday, or Easter. So, we choose to splurge a little on Easter to give them another time during the year other than December to receive a gift. When I say we splurge, I mean they generally get alot in their basket, but I still save! I use this to get them things they will use for summer, such as sprinklers, baseball gear, beach towels, etc. I look for this stuff to go on clearance, then put it back for next Easter.

Because we spend a little more on a "bigger" gift, I try to save as much as possible on the basket fillers.

Flip flops - my kids get these each year, always needed for summer!
Kite - You can get these for only $1.
Bubbles - while they aren't expensive, homemade is cheaper!
Homemade playdough - you can do a search online to find tons of recipes for this.
Oobleck - click here for the recipe.
Sidewalk chalk - while this is generally inexpensive, to save a bit more, I split up a thing of chalk between each of my kids, wrap in cellophane & tie with a ribbon.
Highlighters - I divide a pack of these up between my 3 older kids, they love coloring with these.
Easter crayons - I take old broken crayons, melt them down & use cookie cutters to mold them into an easter shape.
Free samples - my daughter loves getting a sample of "big girl" shampoo, body wash, or lotion in her basket.
Dice - I have put 5 dice into an egg & they use them to play Yahtzee.
punch balls - you can generally find a pack of 3 of these for $1, I split them up between my 3 older kids.

Also, instead of giving my kids candy, I give them those prepackaged snacks, Go-gurt, & single serving juices. They love to get these (since I never buy them throughout the year), & they can use them in their lunch boxes & are healthier than all that candy! I purchase 1 box & split up the single packages between each of the kids. This year I found for $1.97 a box that has a single serving cereal, a poptart, & a juice box. This can be their breakfast on our busy Easter morning!

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