Thursday, April 2, 2009

Save money on groceries without using coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money, but sometimes we don't have a coupon for products we need & some people just don't like to take the time to cut & organize coupons. There are some ways you can cut your costs without using coupons.

  1. Always make a list & stick to it. Impulse buying is what gets most of us!
  2. Always look at the unit price. Most all stores list this on the price tag stuck to the shelf. We always assume buying the larger quantity is the cheapest, but it isn't always.
  3. Know your prices. If you know your prices at each store you shop, you know when you have found a great sale on an item & can stock up.
  4. Buy generic. Generic foods often taste the same as the name brands.
  5. Plan your weekly menu around the weekly sales flyer, based on what is on sale that week.
  6. Don't buy prepackaged snacks. While they are convenient, it only takes a few minutes when you get home, to divide up your food into snack sized baggies.
  7. Eat a few meatless meals each week. Meat is one of the most expensive parts of a meal.

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