Monday, April 6, 2009

Tell the Story of Easter with Ressurection Eggs

My kids love "doing" our Ressurection Eggs. They are an easy & fun way to present the Easter Story to our kids. We generally get them out several times before Easter & do several different things with them. They love doing it over & over again each year & I love hearing them playing with the eggs to each other. We have opened them all up in one sitting, split them up & do one, two, or three eggs each night leading up to Easter, we have hid the eggs, let the kids find them, then tell the story. There is so many ways you can do it.

You can purchase them in stores, but they are also very easy to make on your own. One thing to remember, there is so many items you can use to tell the different parts of Easter, I've listed a few, there is many other items you can use to teach the story of Easter.

What you'll need -
12 plastic fillable eggs (it is easier if you have 12 different colors)
Items described below to put into eggs. If you don't have an actual item, you can use a picture of that item.

Donkey or palm branch - Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, while the people waved palm branches. Read Matthew 21:1-11

Coins - To represent the 30 coins Judas accepted for betraying Jesus. Read Matthew 26:14

Piece of bread - To represent the bread which represents Jesus' body. Read Matthew 26:26

Praying Hands - To remind us Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. Read Mark 14:32-42

Piece of rope - To represent the ropes used to whip Jesus. Read John 19:1-15

Crown of thorns (can use a small thorny branch) - They placed a crown of thorns on His head. Read Matthew 27:29-31

Nail - 3 nails were driven into Jesus' hands & feet - Read John 19:16-22

Dice - The soldiers gambled for Jesus' robe. Read John 19:23-25

Spear - Soldiers used a spear to pierce the side of Jesus. Read John 19:31-37

A piece of Linen or white cloth - Jesus' body was wrapped in a linen cloth. Read Matthew 27:57-61

Rock - The large stone covering the tomb was rolled away. Read Matthew 28:1-3

The last egg should be empty, just as Jesus' tomb was empty! Read Matthew 28:6

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