Monday, April 20, 2009


I just want to take this time to welcome all of my readers! I've been at this a few months now & have gotten great comments from so many of you. I truly love sharing my passion of saving money. I try to do all I can to simplify our lives & by putting all the deals I can find into one place, hopefully that will simplify yours a bit! :)

If you are new to my blog, be sure to check out my previous posts. You can do so by clicking on any of the links on the left hand side. Many of the freebies are still available, so be sure to sign up for them all! If you won't use them yourself, they are great to tuck into a little "just because" gift or to pass onto charities.

So many people are doing all they can these days to save a little here & there. Some are doing it out of necessity & others out of desire. Whatever your reason, I hope to touch on something that you can use here. Most of the things I post about are developed from so many of your questions, so if you have a post suggestion or a question, I'd love to hear it!

Thanks again for all of your comments & suggestions! Feel free to pass on the link to my blog to anyone you know.


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