Monday, April 13, 2009

New life for your leftover Easter candy

It seems like every holiday I do all I can to avoid the candy overload. However, very well intentioned relatives & several egg hunts leaves us with overflowing buckets of candy! Here are some tips on what to do with all that leftover candy!

  1. Get out a box of graham crackers & let your kids make a spring cottage! My kids love making "gingerbread" houses at Christmas, why not a spring cottage?
  2. Make S mores with the left over Peeps & melted chocolate. You can also freeze the Peeps to save for your next camping trip.
  3. Freeze the chocolate, then chop it up, great for an ice cream topper!
  4. Chop up chocolate eggs to make chocolate chip cookies. Pop them in the freezer, then make ice cream sandwiches out of them.
  5. Melt left over chocolate bunnies & add 1 TBS of cream in the microwave to dip fresh fruit in for a yummy & much more nutritious treat.
  6. Chop up & throw in chocolate into a cake mix.
  7. Freeze it for later. Leave chocolate candy in its original wrapper & place into a freezer bag, it can be frozen for up to 1 year. Some chocolate may "bloom" (turn white), however this does not affect the taste.

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