Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vacation Savings - inexpensive weekend vacations

Last week I shared how I always use Priceline when we stay in a hotel & a great resource on using Priceline, if you missed it be sure to check it out here.

I love staying in a hotel. That is a special treat to me! I will never forget the year that for my birthday, my aunt took me to stay at Embassy Suites, we just watched movies & ordered room service. And as I've grown, there is something about not having to take out the trash or make your bed! Therefore, for me, just staying in a hotel is a vacation. However, my kids, they need something to do.

We live less than an hour from St. Louis & there is a ton of free stuff to do in St. Louis. We will get a 4 star hotel using Priceline for around $50 a night & just spend our weekend visiting the free sites in St. Louis. We alot of times try to find the "non-touristy" free things as well. And we of course, order room service! One way to save on room service, order from the kids menu. The kids meals are generally huge. At one hotel, we ordered a $1 piece of chocolate cake for a late night snack, it was the biggest piece of cake I've ever seen, you can be sure every time we go back to that hotel, it is always on our order!

Staycations are also hugely popular right now. Get a hotel room in your own hometown & visit the sites that you never visit.

Go just a town or 2 over, get a hotel room at a hotel with an indoor pool. Order pizza to your room & spend the evening enjoying the pool.

The best thing about a weekend vacation close to home is that there is very little planning & packing!

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